Latino Conservation Week and Tree Thieves Latino Conservation Week and Tree Thieves
12 August 2022

Latino Conservation Week and Tree Thieves

Written by: Ruby Gonzalez

The highlight of my new update this term has been Latino Conservation Week. For Latino Conservation Week, HAF put together an intern camping trip in Los Padres National Forest. Interns from around the area and those even from different states came together on July 24th and celebrated Latino Conservation Week. This was my first time camping so I was really excited and I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed mingling with the other interns and discussing the highlights as well as challenges to our work. It made me feel more connected to my program as well as mission. We hiked to a beautiful waterfall where many of us didn't want to leave and could have probably stayed there for hours, unfortunately our stomachs were calling and pizza was the answer. The next morning we went on another small hike and eventually ended up at the beach. It was the perfect way to celebrate Latino Conservation Week as the theme is to encourage more Latinos to connect with the outdoors. 

Moreover, workwise I have been working more in the nursery. I have actually moved onto planting two trees at one of our camp host sites so that future hosts can enjoy some nice shade. I also planted 3 trees at another campground but unfortunately two of my three trees were stolen. As a result, I have started on creating some cages to place around the tree with some information about the restoration being done to hopefully deter them from being stolen again. The other challenge is the intense drought we are experiencing this summer which can really affect the health and sustainability of the small trees. I am working on finding more solutions as I advance in my time here.

Agency: U.S Forest Service

Program: Resource Assistant Program (RAP)

Location: Sequoia National Forest

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