Final Week as a DFP Final Week as a DFP
28 August 2020

Final Week as a DFP

Category: US Fish & Wildlife Service DFP

After 11 weeks of hard work, I am logging off with a 50 page species report, a final presentation, many new connections within the service, and a wonderful experience. I started this internship with no knowledge of what project I would be working on nor any real knowledge of that the service does day to day. Through many struggles amidst this global pandemic and technical difficulties, I feel that I have grown as a researcher and as a person. 

During this internship, may life events interfered with my progress such as a broken hand, a hurricane, and COVID-19. However, with the never ending encouragement from my supervisors and fellow DFP's, I always had a support system. This small team from across the country truly became some of my friends.

As an ecologist, this was my first time leaving the field and holding an office position. I had to leave my comfort zone far behind as I reached out to partners and faced panels of those having much more experience in the service. I have gained confidence in public speaking and articulating complex biological topics with a wide audience. 

Overall, I am beyond thankful for this opprounity and I can only hope to see my mentors again as thier colleague in the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Agency: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Program: US Fish & Wildlife Service - DFP

Location: Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office

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