Ben Brooks
Intern Year(s): 2020, 2021
Location: Southwestern Regional Office
Program: Resource Assistant Program (RAP)
Agency: U.S. Forest Service

Ben Brooks

After finishing undergrad studies, Ben used his passion for math to help college professors revise their advanced mathematical textbook. This position gave Ben a love for using software to help people learn. After a few years working as a documentation specialist for multiple software companies, Ben’s exposure to enterprise software gave him a love for using software to help people do their work more efficiently and with more satisfaction. As Systems Manager at a software company, Ben was exposed to positions and duties throughout the organization. Through employee interviews and usability (UX/UI) studies, Ben helped overhaul the business processes and software used throughout the company, resulting in improved intra-team alignment toward organizational goals, and increased satisfaction for clients and employees alike. One aspect of this position involved building and customizing a SharePoint-based knowledge management system, which is still used throughout the organization. This experience customizing software led Ben to his current passion, which he considers his true calling: developing web-based software to help organizations improve results, foster growth and increase employee happiness.

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October 09, 2020

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