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LULUS BLOG: Our 2022 Impact: How Lulus has Given LULUS BLOG: Our 2022 Impact: How Lulus has Given
12 December 2022

LULUS BLOG: Our 2022 Impact: How Lulus has Given Back This Year

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2022 was a year for coming together and standing for belonging, dignity, justice, and joy. We are proud to have been able to support five important organizations working to make the world a kinder, more equitable place.

Here are some of the organizations and causes that Lulus supported in 2022.

Standing Up to Hate
Lulus’ Asian American and Pacific Islander (“AAPI”) affinity group chose to donate to The Asian American Foundation (“TAAF”), which advocates for and works with AAPI communities. With over 23 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States, these communities face issues including racism and lack of advocacy/representation.

Via Lulus’ AAPI affinity group, $5,000 went to supporting TAAF’s operations and programming, which focuses on the organization’s core pillars of anti-hate and belonging, education, and narrative change.

Breaking Barriers to Therapy
Lulus’ Black affinity group believes everyone deserves access to therapy support. The Loveland Foundation, established in 2018 by Rachel Cargle, actively works towards providing opportunities for healing to Black women and girls.

In addition to fellowships, residency programs, and listening tours, The Loveland Foundation creates a space for underserved communities to find access to therapy. Lulus’ Black affinity group donated $5,000, which will cover the cost of 42 therapy sessions for Black women and girls.

Working Towards Equity
Lulus’ Hispanic and Latinx affinity group split their donation between two groups. First, we partnered with Puerto Rico Rise Up as part of their Hurricane Fiona relief efforts. The organization aims to empower Puerto Ricans through collaborations with local institutions. With attention to more vulnerable and underserved communities, Puerto Rico Rise Up aids in primary and medical needs, as well as education.

With Lulus’ $2,500 donation, 83 families will be given food boxes. About 332 people in total will benefit as each box feeds four people and includes beans, rice, vegetables, fruit, pasta, and milk, in addition to other supplies.

Training Future Leaders
Lulus’ Hispanic and Latinx affinity group also donated to the Hispanic Access Foundation, which provides a wide range of resources to Latinx communities. For example, they have worked with improving financial literacy, finding workplace opportunities, and advocating for better health.

Through these programs and initiatives, the Hispanic Access Foundation hopes to empower individuals, who will in turn help their communities and wider networks. Via our Hispanic and Latinx affinity group, a $2,500 donation went specifically towards advocacy training and education for Latinx leaders across the country. These trainings help empower and build familiarity, capacity, and confidence for these individuals to be change-makers for the issues that affect them and their communities.

Supporting LGBTQ Mental Health
Lulus’ LQBTQIA+ affinity group proudly made a $5,000 donation to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and mental health organization for LGBTQ young people. To learn more about their life-saving mission, please visit

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