Last Blog (For Now) Last Blog (For Now)
02 October 2023

Last Blog (For Now)

Next week is my last week in Colorado, and I am truly going to miss the connections here and the beautiful landscapes I woke up to every morning. Yet, I know that being closer to my family and friends is important for my well-being and success. I am very excited to be back home on the Gulf Coast with my feet in the sand, enjoying the dewy warm morning.

For the first time, I have experienced a “real” winter, compared to the winters in Florida. I learned to shovel multiple times in a snowstorm because the first layers of snow will freeze, becoming harder to shovel. I had to pour hot water on my mailbox one night because it was frozen shut. I felt so funny with my spray bottle. I have also experienced many falls at the fault of ice on the roads and sidewalks, but I still love my 20-minute walks. When the sun shines it is nice and warm, despite the weather app telling me it is 30 degrees. The snow is so beautiful, when it is untouched it looks like there is a layer of glitter on top.

In the last couple of weeks, the recreation crew has been working on signing non-motorized areas through snowshoeing. It was a lot harder than I believed it would be, especially due to the high elevation. When we sat down for lunch and took the view in, I thought to myself “I cannot believe I am sitting here, this is unreal”. The photos I took did not do it justice. I am excited to take my partner snowshoeing so he can experience what I did.

I will be heading off in a few days, but I will still be a resource assistant with Hispanic Access in a different position. I am looking forward to the next position, the work I will do and the mentorship I will receive. I know that the relationships I have formed here I will take with me anywhere I go. I am grateful for all of the support I have received from my coworkers and especially my mentor.

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